DittaOur story begins in 1941 in Vimercate with the production of radio and fonobar and the selling of branded consumer electronics. This until 1974, when we create the brand "Cobra" to identify a new activity undertaken in those years: the production of TV antennas for indoor use, a product which since then has always been the top artcle of our Company.

Precursors of wireless technology, in the '80s we included in our product range other articles: headphones and wireless speakers, professional products such as wireless microphones (Cicero System for guided visiting tours) and transceivers, and - since the 90s - with audio/video senders.

 Today, Cobra has a wide catalog of consumer electronics products, such as the widest range of digital terrestrial receivers, as well as satellite receivers and DVD player with TV tuner. 

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Until the ’90s all COBRA production was manufactured in Italy. After that, COBRA started to cooperate with selected manufacturers based in Far East: this brought to an increase in the range of products and, at the same time, a decrease in production costs. Nowadays, most of COBRA products are manufactured in Far East.

COBRA structure is quite flexible: the building in Bernareggio has a wide warehouse for stocking goods, various offices for sales and account activities and a technical laboratory for sample analysis, quality control and after-sale assistance.
Distribution in Italy is made through a Sale Network including more than 20 Agencies. Furthermore, in order to assure a fast and prompt assistance on its products, COBRA has more than 50 Service Centres covering all the Country. 
As for export, COBRA has exclusive Distributors for different Countries.

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COBRA products are well distributed all around the Italian territory through the main Electronics Stores, Big Stores and Retailers.
In Italy COBRA is a market leader in the Amplified Antennas and Wireless Headphones and Loudspeakers branch.

The current COBRA consumer range of products includes:

- Digital Terrestrial Receivers (DTT)
- Digitali Satellite Receivers
- Multimedia Players
- Digital/Analog Converters
- Portable DVD Players 
  with DVB-T Tuner
- DVD Players
- Portable TVC
- Audio / Video Senders
- Video Security Systems
- AV Selectors/Distributors
- Amplified TV Antennas
- Universal Remote Controls
- Vocal Translators
- iPod Docking Station
- Internet Radio
- CD/MP3 Players
- Wireless Headphones (IR/FM)
- Wireless Loudspeakers
- Earphones, Headphones,
  Microphone Headphones
- Voice Recoders
- Free-time Electronics
- Telephones
- Clock Radio
- Portable Transeivers
- Step-counters

COBRA also distributes P.A. (Professional Audio) products for guided tours and wirelss communication.

COBRA P.A. range of products includes:

- Audioguides
- Mono-channel
- Pluri-channel Radio-microphones
- Wireless Loudspeakers 
  with radio-microphones
- Cicero Systems (composed
  of portable transmitters and

Furthermore COBRA can supply Client branded product by request.

All COBRA products are in compliance with the European Directives:
- LVD 2006/95/CE
- EMC 2004/108/CE
- R&TTE 1999/5/CE
- RAEE 2002/96/CE
- RoHS 2002/95/CE
- Batterie 2006/06/CE
- ERP 2009/125/CE
- REACH 1907/2006 Reg. CE