Mod. Chopin

 Wireless Loudspeakers





The Wireless Loudspeakers system mod. CHOPIN is ideal for wireless sound diffusion. It works on 863 MHz FM frequency (European standard) and has a range of 100 meters in open space. It is powered by batteries or it can be connected to the network using the power adapter. The compact size of the loudspeakers and its elegant lines make it an object that fits in perfect harmony in any environment and decor.


Transmission system FM
Kind of transmission stereo
Frequency 863 ÷ 865 MHz
Channels 2 channels PLL (automatic scan)
Frequency response 40 ÷ 15.000 MHz
Output power 2 x 3.5 W (RMS)
Range 100 metres (open space)
Volume control on loudspeakers
Bass Booster switch on loudspeakers
Fine tuning on loudspeakers
Mono L-R commutation on loudspeakers
Automatic power off when there is no signal input
Power feeding for TX 12 V DC (power fedeer included)
Power feeding for RX 12 V DC - 500 mA (power feeder included)
or 6 + 6 batteries AA 1.5 V (not included)
TX dimensions 7.5 x 10.5 x 3 cm (+ 10 cm antenna)
Loudspeakers dimensions 23 x 11 Ø cm
RX weight 830g

Item code: 10337


Additional loudspeaker modSP-1680

2Art Chopin SP1680

Item code SP-1680: 10282

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Transmitter mod. Chopin TX  
2 wireless loudspeakers mod. Chopin RX  
1 power feeder for transmitter 12 V - 200 mA
2 power feeder for loudspeakers 12 V - 200 mA
3.5 mm / 6.3 mm jack adaptor  
White/red Y adaptor cable (3.5 mm jack/2RCA) 
User's Manual in Italian